TNM093 — Practical Data Visualization and Virtual Reality, 2018


The course introduces theories and practical examples within the lectures. In laboratory exercises the students will try out the practical use of various tools and thus acquire skills necessary for working with visualization (VIS) and virtual reality (VR) applications. For complete information see the course plan in studiehandboken.

Course contents




Laboratory Exercises

The course examination consists of three comprehensive labs (mini projects). The labs should be carried out in pairs.

  1. VR -Tri-modal Interaction With Scene Graphs
  2. VIS - Information visualization
  3. VIS - Scientific visualization

Lab assistants


The course is examined through the laboratory work (6 ECTS).


Suggested, optional books on the course subjects:

The Visualization Handbook, Charles Hansen and Chris Johnson. ISBN: 012387582X

Information Visualization: Design for Interaction (2nd Edition), Robert Spence. ISBN: 9780132065504

Essential Virtual Reality Fast, John Vince. ISBN: 1852330120