Ph.D. in Computer Graphics and Image Processing from Linköping University, LiU Supervisor: Professor Ken Museth
Tel : +46 (0)11 - 36 32 58
Cell: +46 (0) 739 - 604 603
External affiliations:
Digital Domain, Los Angeles, USA.
Pos.: Software R&D, intern, 2007
Centre of mathematics for applications (CMA), University of Oslo, Norway.
Pos.: Guest researcher, 2006, 2008


The title of my thesis is “Level-Set Methods & Geodesic Distance Functions” and deals mainly with algorithmic and mathematical aspects of geometric modelling, computational geometry and physically based simulation. For examples see the bunny figures above.
The level-set method is a form of grid-based implicit surface representation with an additional toolbox of mathematics. Look at wikipedia for an introduction, or see this book for a state-of-the-art review of the area.

I like to work with graphics from a scientific and mathematical point of view but I also take an active interest in artistic creation.

Projects and publications

Compression and out-of-core techniques for level sets showing examples of unprecedented size. Applications taking advantage thereof.

Reconstruction from contours using level sets

Sparse representation of level sets using hierarchical run length encoding of topology


Distance transforms

Related stuff

File parser for assignment code
Level set raytracing
CEL shading for pbrt

The matrix effect - Image rewriting using random rasters

Updated: Feb 12, 2009