My Home Page: Qin-Zhong Ye

Welcome to my home page! This page is mainly used for publishing  Course information
for the courses I teach at ITN, Campus Norrköping, Linköping University.

Contact me via email or telephone.

Email: Address: Qin-Zhong Ye
Tel: 011-36 32 60 ITN, Campus Norrköping
Fax: 011-36 30 70 Linköpings Universitet
Office: TP 6157 601 74 Norrköping, Sweden

Course information:


·        TNE094 Digital Electronics and Design (Digitalateknik och konstruktion)   (2016 ht)


·        TNE064 Digital Communication Electronics (Digital kommunikationselektronik)   (2016 ht)


·        TNE090 Wireless Sensor Networks (2016 vt1)

·        TNE097 Micro Computer Systems (Mikrodatorsystem) (2016 ht2)


Latest update: October 29, 2016